Crazy motorcyclist in the streets of Brazil GoPro HD PART 2

I bring you part 2 of the crazy motorcyclist in Brazil. For the enjoyment of lots of liveleakers he crashes at the end. Ironically he was not at fault as the lights were green for him.

To answer a few comments made on the first video:

– Yes he is still alive. He claims to have been riding like this for 30+ years (he is in his 50s now) with no serious crash.
– He used to have a youtube channel (deleted due to showing cars’ number plates without permission I believe) with more than a 1000 videos, and he rides like he is in a video game on most of them.
– The shitty music was not added by me.

The first bike on the video and the orange bike is a Yamaha XJ6
The white bike is a Honda Hornet 600
The yellow bike is a Honda CB1000R


Category: Crazy, Racing

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